Mosaics at Agia Triada basilica restored

The bicommunal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage concluded recently the restoration of the mosaic floor in the 5th century Agia Triada basilica, located in Turkish-occupied Karpasia, in the north-eastern tip of Cyprus. Restoration works in the basilica continue, with the project due for completion by 2019.

Speaking to CNA, Greek Cypriot Head of the Technical Committee, Takis Hadjidemetriou, said that the first phase of the project lasted about two months and focused on cleaning, restoring and securing the 5th and 6th century mosaics, uncovering thus a perspective of unique beauty. The work began, unveiling the splendor of the monument Hadjidemetriou said.

He added that mosaics are now being covered, to protect them from winter conditions, while restoration works will go on in the rest of the monument.

Earlier additions of cement and iron will be removed and the monument will be restored with the use of compatible material.

According to the Greek Cypriot Head of the Technical Committee, the mosaic floor will be uncovered next May, when the restoration of the basilica will be completed.

Hadjidemetriou noted finally that Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot conservators work with dedication and enthusiasm in the monuments’ restoration. The atmosphere we encountered was amazing. I may say, this is what thrilled me the most he concluded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency