More than 95% of schools in Cyprus are applying long distance learning programmes

More than 95% of the schools all over Cyprus are applying long distance learning programmes, Director of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute Athena Michaelidou has told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), adding that “we are coordinating with Europe and we see through our participation in networks to all European countries that they are at about the same level as we are.”

Asked about the implementation of long distance learning programmes, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Michaelidou said that there has been a contact of almost all schools with the family and the students.

“At the second stage 95% of the schools have sent an action plan on long distance learning. This means that they have presented a schedule of what each school is doing, what each school is posting on its website, and which schools are implementing the long distance learning with the use of MS Teams, other software and applications. We are particularly pleased with the results from the work that is being done by the schools,” she noted.

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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