Ministry of Health protocol for presidential elections

Sunday’s presidential elections will be held on the basis of a health protocol, which was drawn up in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

Based on the health protocol issued last week, voting booths will not have a curtain and will be positioned in such a way to ensure the secrecy of the vote and to avoid any possible influence from any other person.

This protocol provides that persons who are positive cases of COVID-19, and are registered in the electoral roll, are exceptionally given the opportunity, on the election day to go to the polling station, to exercise their right to vote, at the same times as the rest of the population, using masks.

Masks are recommended for all voters, while people working at the polling stations are encouraged to take a self-test as well.

Among other things, it is recommended that the rooms are adequately ventilated, while employees and representatives of the candidates must wear a protective mask throughout their stay at the polling station.

The use of protective mask is recommended to all voters inside the polling stations. It is also noted that the voting booths will not have a curtain and it will be the responsibility of the staff of the polling station to regularly disinfect them, as well as all the surfaces that voters and the staff come in contact, including pens.

It is mandatory, it says, that voters disinfect their hands upon entering and exiting the polling stations.

As regards staff hygiene, it is stated that it is recommended that all employees of the election centers and the representatives of the candidates, carry out a rapid antigen test (self test) for the disease of COVID-19 the day before the elections.

Furthermore, it says that persons who are in confinement after testing positive for the COVID-19 disease, and are registered in the electoral roll, on the day of the elections, are granted permission to go exclusively to the electoral center where they are registered, in order to exercise their right to vote. It is added that they can go to the polling station either on foot or by private car without any other stops. It is noted that the use of public transport is prohibited and that they must necessarily wear a protective mask.

The personnel that will be working during the election must be trained as regards personal protection precautions and rules. In addition, it says that staff showing symptoms of COVID-19 should refrain from work and contact their personal physician immediately by phone. If symptoms occur during work, the person should leave immediately but may exercise their right to vote before leaving.

During the election process, it should be ensured that the access to the polling centers is conducted without crowds gathering and that polling booths and equipment necessary for the elections are disinfected at regular intervals.

Finally, it says that at the end of the election process, the rooms used as election centers should be naturally ventilated for at least half an hour and disinfected.

Source: Cyprus News Agency