Ministry of Health issues clarifications for those who wish to enter the Republic of Cyprus

The Minister of Health issued a number of clarifications regarding the government’s decisions announced earlier Tuesday concerning the presentation of certificates for people who want to enter the Republic of Cyprus.

The March 15 decree requires a medical certificate for people who want to enter the Republic of Cyprus. Minister Constantinos Ioannou said on Tuesday that the measure will stay in force until 3am on March 21. Exceptions apply for those who travelled abroad for medical reasons or for a short stay, for business or professional purposes, and for those who are entitled to enter according to the Vienna Convention.

In his clarifications the Minister said until 3am of the 21st March, any citizen who enters the Republic of Cyprus should necessarily present a certified medical document confirming they are coronavirus free. Those categories of citizens who can enter the country are Cypriot citizens, those legally entering the Republic of Cyprus, European citizens or third country citizens working in the Republic, citizens of countries who are on a mission according to bilateral agreements.

In addition, isolated cases of European citizens or third country nationals on unavoidable professional obligations, are subject to the relevant permission of the competent Ministry and European nationals and third country nationals studying in educational institutions of the Republic.

Those exempted from presenting a medical certificate are citizens who have been overseas for medical reasons as well as those who were accompanying them during their departure and treatment. Also, citizens who are overseas for short stays for either professional or service reasons and those who are allowed to enter Cyprus based on the Vienna convention.

The above groups will have to contact the Republic of Cyprus diplomatic missions overseas (embassies, high commissions and consul offices) to obtain certification, presenting all necessary documents for proof (medical certifications from institutions of treatment, departure tickets, etc) that confirm the reasons of their trip.

From 3am of the 21st March 2020 and for a period of 14 days all flights from countries announced in the Minister of Health’s decree are prohibited from touching down at Larnaca and Paphos airports.

From 3 am of the 21st March for 14 days, all flights are prohibited except in cases where the transfer citizens who were overseas for medical reasons or for short stays for professionals or service reasons. For these cases, the Republic of Cyprus will have to charter special flights from Athens and London.

All citizens who present certificates for coronavirus tests or confirmation from diplomatic missions, will remain quarantined for 14 days. Those exempted are people who were overseas for medical reasons. These people will have to stay home in self-isolation and continue their treatment.

Source: Cyprus News Agency