Ministry announces 233 new cases of Covid-19 and expresses concern over rapid rise in hospitalisations

The Ministry of Health announced on Thursday 233 new cases of coronavirus out of 3,756 laboratory tests, the highest number since the outbreak of the pandemic in Cyprus, as well as an increased number of hospitalisations.


It notes that in addition to the new increased number of cases, the rapid rise in the number of patients who need hospitalisation is of great concern.


The Ministry says that in comparison to last Thursday, the number of patients who needed hospitalisation was 42 while a week later there are 23 more patients.


Currently there are 50 patients being treated at the Famagusta General Hospital, five of whom in the Increased Care Unit. At the Nicosia General Hospital there are five patients in the Intensive Care Unit and 10 in the COVID19 ward.


“It has been repeatedly pointed out that despite the readiness of hospitals and health professionals, the capability of the Health System are not unlimited in Cyprus either,” the Ministry says and calls upon everyone to comply with the measures.


It notes that the protection of the elderly and the vulnerable groups is the responsibility of each and every one of us.


The Ministry notes that 1 out of 7 persons who did the test after contact tracing, was found positive.


Thursday`s cases were found as follows: 113 cases were detected out of 834 samples taken after contact tracing, 77 out of 1,380 samples taken on private initiative, 16 out of 163 tests done at the Microbiology Laboratories of the General Hospitals, 11 out of 958 tests carried out at airports, 9 out of 126 samples taken after GP referrals, 4 out of 150 samples taken at schools, 1 out of 142 tests done at football clubs and 2 out of 3 tests carried out at refugee camps.


Since the outbreak of the pandemic the total number of cases in Cyprus reaches 5,333.


Source: Cyprus News Agency

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