Minister to participate in EU Justice Council

Minister of Justice and Public Order Ionas Nicolaou departs today for Brussels to participate in the Justice and Home Affairs Council((JHA) of the EU which will be held on 6 and 7 December 2018.

According to an official press release, Ministers are expected to agree, inter alia, the text of the proposal for a Regulation aiming to improve law enforcement authorities’ access to electronic evidence held by providers operating in the EU, which further develops the principle of mutual recognition.

This proposal will enable police and judicial authorities to get the electronic evidence they need more easily and faster including emails or documents found in the cloud computing ensuring more effective investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses committed through the Internet.

Ministers will also agree on the text of the Regulation aiming to prevent the spread of terrorist material over the Internet, a proposal that will help to effectively identify and remove content that is conducive to terrorist acts.

The objective of the proposal is to contribute to the protection of public security while, at the same time, any web-based platform offering services to the European Union will be subject to clear rules providing for strict sanctions in order to avoid abuse of its services for the dissemination of terrorist content.

Ministers will also exchange views on measures to combat trafficking in human beings and, in particular, on the EU Action Plan against Migrant Smuggling(2015-2020).

Source: Cyprus News Agency