Minister of Health: We really need to drastically limit our contacts for the effort to work

Minister of Health ConstantinosIoannou, stressed Sunday that everyone should limit drastically their contacts in order for the effort against coronavirus to work.

“We are very concerned about the large increase in confirmed cases, as contact tracing revealed that the virus has been transmitted through family and friendly environment by individuals who had not restricted themselves. It is unfortunate that we find many cases of people who do not confine themselves and transmit the coronavirus without knowing it”, he said.

As he said, in order for the effort to work, “we must drastically limit our contacts”.

In the latest cases, he added, the Ministry detected more than 15 contacts of the virus carriers, adding that this mentality undermines the whole effort.

“Unfortunately, many do not understand the seriousness of the situation and continue to behave irresponsibly,” he pointed out.

Saying that the tracking process helps experts to quickly identify the contacts of a confirmed case to prevent it from spreading, he added that the effort makes no sense, if people don not really confine themselves.

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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