Minister of Agriculture K.Kades calls for simplified CAP taking into account the M-S specificities

Minister for Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment Costas Kadis called today for a simplified Common Agricultural Policy in the EU, operating with respect to the specificities of the Member States, during his intervention in the works of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council, held today Brussels.

Minister Kadis welcomed the efforts of the Commission to simplify the procedures followed in the context of the policy, to the benefit of farmers and government agencies, pointed out that the revision of the CAP should aim at adopting procedures that are quick, flexible, transparent and take into account the specificities of each country, during a discussion on the modernization and simplification of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) procedures after 2020.

The Minister explained to his counterparts that the procedures “should help reduce the administrative burden for farmers and governments in the Member States”.

Furthermore, Kostas Kadis stressed that “the CAP should not simply aim to achieve EU indicators or avoid financial penalties but to force Member States to focus on implementing measures that adequately address the specific problems of local agriculture.”

Finally, during s briefing on the a drought in Poland, the Minister expressed Cyprus solidarity and noted that he fully understands the negative effects of the drought, Cyprus has already suffered from prolonged droughts over the last four years and not only this year.

In this context, he recalled that Cyprus submitted a paper to the June Ministerial Council and informed his counterparts that he intends to work with Commissioner Hogan and the Commission to implement measures that will help optimize the management of the issue.

Source: Cyprus News Agency