Minister Kouyialis backs greenhouse reserve proposal at EU Environment Council

Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Nikos Kouyialis backed on Monday a formal proposal to create a greenhouse gas emission reserve for lower-income member states to effectively support some member states that may face difficulties in meeting their targets

The proposal was tabled at the EU Environment Council held in Luxembourg, during the debate on reducing emissions from sectors not covered by the Rights Trading Scheme.

In addition, the Minister, commenting on the recent US announcement to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, noted that the Agreement sets the right footing for the goal of sustainable low emission growth, and therefore it is not appropriate to renegotiate it.

He pointed out, on the other hand, that the EU, along with the other numerous parties signatories to the Agreement, must proceed with its implementation without compromises and reductions in its ambitious objectives.

At the same time, he said, the EU should be thinking about allocating responsibility for emissions created by the US vacuum.

When it comes to adopting Council Conclusions on the new EU Nature, Human and Economic Action Plan, Nikos Kouyalis underlined the need for guidelines for more effective nature protection and for the uniform application of the Directives of the European Union by all Member States.

He added that efforts should be made to make use of existing financial instruments for nature protection more efficient, while at the same time exploring the possibility of creating a separate financial instrument devoted and tailored to nature so as to cover part of the many of major needs.

Finally, the Minister expressed his warm sympathy to the people of Portugal and the families of the victims of the recent deadly fires that hit the country.

Source: Cyprus News Agency