Minister Kougiales calls for the reform of CAP, creation of regional crisis fund and Hectaric subsidies controls

Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Nicolaos Kougiales, debated the reform of EUs Common Agricultural Policy, while strengthening the pillars of investment and targeted farmers subsidies, at todays Council of the 28 EU Ministers of Agriculture in Brussels.

The Minister called on his counterparts to create a regional crisis management mechanism and undertake the simplification of hectares subsidies; control mechanism, which in its current form prevents farmers from submitting aid request, due to frequent fines imposed.

More specifically, N.Kougiales, after the end of the Councils works told the press in Brussels: “this Council of Agriculture Ministers discussed the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). In Cyprus we have set as our priority the creation of a crisis management mechanism, not only Europe-wide, as it applies today, but also for smaller regional crises – especially in the Member States facing major environmental challenges due to climate change and geographical restrictions”.

He added that “moreover we ask like that the new CAP, to be reformed must come with a reinforced budget and at the same time, we call to strengthen the second pillar of the CAP, which is the one of investment and targeted aid, since it is this pillar the one that will have to absorb the full weight of this reform”.

“Finally, together with 10 other states, on the initiative of Greece, we have requested from the Commission to simplify the system of controls for Hectaric and Coupled payments provided today, because unfortunately we choke our farmers with huge liabilities, and as a result they often prefer not to seek such aid, because they accept large penalties “, concluded the Minister of Agriculture.

Source: Cyprus News Agency