Minister Kadis and allied counterparts push to maintain future CAP financing to current level

Minister Kadis also called for ensuring that new bureaucracy is not created in the transition from the present to the future system of assessing national measures.

In detail, speaking at the Press and Information Office camera, on the sidelines of the meeting, the Minister said: “first Council today, under the Romanian Presidency, and so we have been able to find out about the priorities of the Romanian Presidency in our areas of interest, like the structure of the new Common Agricultural Policy to be implemented after 2020 and the discussions that will be held on this issue again prevail,” he said.

“Among the other issues, is the effort that the Romanian Presidency will make to discuss the issues of research alongside the issues of rural development and how the two areas are interconnected”. “That is an issue that concerns Cyprus, since we want to mobilize the forces research and innovation in our country, in the field of rural development and for the benefit of Cypriot farmers, “said Costas Kadis.

“We certainly have a lot to learn from this debate and make the most of this possibility provided by the Romanian Presidency,” the Minister said.

The Minister explained that “again, the discussion of the European Ministers for Rural Development was focused on the structure of the new CAP, and I would say the emphasis on the new model of assessing the success of the measures implemented in each country.” He explained also that “we are moving from the model based on compliance with the rules set by the Commission and the Member States and we are going to a new model based on performance, what is actually achieved by the various measures implemented with the European Funding, “said the Minister for Rural Development.

He also noted that “we are in favor of this philosophy, but what we are concerned about and expressed that in the discussions, that the transition should not be accompanied by increased bureaucracy”. The Commission reassured that we are moving in the opposite direction, but we want that to ensure and it is in this direction that we work with other countries that support the same philosophy”, he stressed.

“Beyond that, together with other countries, we have supported maintaining the CAP budget at the same level as the existing CAP, which is not entirely up to our Council, but more a matter of the Council of Finance Ministers, and we will push together with the my counterparts, everyone in his field, for maintaining the budget so that the farmers in Cyprus and the whole of Europe can be supported in the same way, “the Minister concluded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency