Minister discusses EU Security and Defence issues with EDA Chief Executive

Defence Minister Savvas Angelides has discussed issues pertaining to EU Security and Defence with European Defence Agency(EDA) Chief Executive Jorge Domecq who is currently paying an official meeting to Cyprus.

In statements following their meeting held here today, Minister has reaffirmed the excellent level of bilateral cooperation between Cyprus and EDA.

We strongly believe that the European Defence Agency is a trusted European facilitator in the domain of the development of military capabilities and a powerful locus for cooperation between the Member States in this crucial sector he said.

Angelides noted that EDA has so far managed to illustrate its pivotal role in the European Defense cooperation while its achievements constitute a solid proof of its outstanding efforts. Cyprus appreciates the role of the EDA and is actively engaged for supporting the Agency in accomplishing its mission.

Our continuous effort, at the Ministry, he added, is to enhance the cooperation with the Agency in order to further develop the European Defence Capabilities. Having said that we are in the pleasant position to announce our intention to participate in the Military Search Buildings programme, which eventually will strengthen our capabilities in these domains.

Minister also expressed Cyprus’ appreciation to EDA for launching the second phase of the Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector (CF SEDSS) and also for selecting Cyprus for hosting the 3rd conference of the Forum in February 2019.

For Cyprus, as well as for the other Member States, he went on to say , this Forum presents the unique opportunity for the Ministries of Defence to apply policies and measures to save energy and reduce costs.

On his part, EDA Chief Executive said that Cyprus’ decision to join the military search capability program is a good sign of the enhanced interest of Cyprus in EDA activities, noting that the program will give capabilities to Cyprus in order to face the different challenges.

He also said that EU is trying to do more in defence and respond to the call from its citizens to make sure that we are better equipped to protect them.

He said that the Agency is trying to make defence spending and the defence effort of our member states more efficient and to have a larger impact.

In reply to a question he said that the problem we have in Europe is not the lack of defence capabilities, the impact of the defence spending is not optimal, adding that the fragmentation is Europe’s Achilles heel.

The important is to make sure that we plan and develop capabilities in a more efficient manner that we do today he said.

I am very encouraged by the very strong support of Cyprus to the EDA, he concluded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency