Minister Dimitriades calls the EU Telecoms Council to boost investment in wired and wirelless networks

Cypriot Minister of Transport Marios Demetriades, called today upon the need for measures to boost investment in both wired and wireless networks, during his intervention earlier today in the works of the Telecoms Council in Luxemburg.

Minister Dimitriades advocated greater cooperation and more effective coordination in spectrum management, as well as not limiting Member States competence and flexibility in spectrum management.

In his speech, he pointed out that spectrum is a national resource which, according to the principle of subsidiarity, should be allocated according to the priorities set by the Member State concerned. Therefore, the aim should be to apply the existing principles and not to introduce complex provisions that bring legal uncertainty and discourage investment, he noted.

According to the Minister, the 28 also adopted a regulation on cross-border parcel delivery services. This regulation should increase the transparency of tariffs and reduce the prices paid by individuals and small businesses, especially in remote Member States such as Cyprus.

According to a written communication, the Council of Ministers received information on a number of issues such as the progress on the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation, the forthcoming abolition of roaming charges from 15 June and the recent agreement on the WiFi4EU initiative Fund the installation of free hotspots in municipalities across the EU.

Lastly, the Council was briefed on the recent “WannaCry” cybercrime, where a wave of ransomware attacks hit organizations and citizens around the world. “WannaCry” cybercrime provides a clear indication of the type of threats we face in todays, highly affiliated and globalized society. That is why Member States are invited to fully understand and make full use of the opportunities offered by existing cooperation mechanisms.

Source: Cyprus News Agency