Minister Christodoulides points to political and financial measures to be presented by the EC and the EESC against Turkey

The European Commission will come forward with proposals “for political and economic measures, including Turkeys pre-accession aid and high-level dialogue”, while “the EEAS will examine targeted measures falling within the Unions external action”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Christodoulides stated in Luxembourg, following the General Affairs Council which adopted conclusions on the illegal actions of Turkey in the Cyprus EEZ.

According to the Foreign Minister, the Council commits to continue to closely monitor developments and the talks on Turkeys unlawful actions will continue at the European Council where the issue is on the agenda. “In assessing the seriousness of the situation and in the context of expression of practical solidarity, as in similar cases, the Council for the first time in the case of Turkey invites the Commission and the EEAS to submit without delay concrete recommendations for appropriate measures”, minister Christodoulides stresses.

More specifically, according to the GAC enlargement conclusions, the Council expresses serious concern about the ongoing illegal drilling and condemns the fact that Turkey has failed to respond to the repeated calls and recommendations of the EU to put an end to these actions in line with international law.

“It is noted in this context that the Council stresses the serious and immediate consequences that Turkeys unlawful actions have on the whole range of Euro-Turkish relations”, the minister notes.

Earlier the Foreign Minister Christodoulides, briefed his counterparts on Turkeys ongoing illegal activities in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus at the EU General Affairs Council in Luxembourg in the context of the Enlargement debate, sending a clear signal that the situation requires the EU to move further from words to action.

Solidarity must be proven, stressed minister Christodoulides, stating that the EU cannot remain inactive against such a flagrant violation of European and international law but also of the interests of the whole of the Union.

“Strict EU messages”, reiterated minister Christodoulides, “not only were not heard, but were falsely ignored by Turkey, which has further escalated the situation”.

Concluding, Christodoulides said that “the European Union must effectively use all its means to counter the Turkish provocation”.

EU partners supported the position expressed by the minister, with the unanimous adoption of the relevant Conclusions.

Source: Cyprus News Agency