Minister calls on EU to protect Cyprus against 3rd country actions in air transport

Transport Minister Marios Demetriades has called on his EU counterparts to ensure the protection of Cyprus, against third country actions in the field of air transport.

Addressing on Wednesday the Transport and Telecommunications Council, in Brussels,, the Minister also expressed his support for the free movement of data initiative, while maintaining all necessary safeguards and checks.

In particular, during his intervention in the debate on the progress report on the proposed regulation to safeguard competition in the air transport sector, the Minister of Transport stressed that the EU should protect the Member States from possible undesirable effects of third countries and contribute to the improved connectivity of Cyprus within and outside the Union.

In addition, Marios Demetriades has called for the EU to address the air transport aviation gap between Member States by using positive regulatory actions and by relaxing the Shorter Line Grant Scheme (PSO) to allow for the further development and connectivity of the Unions states.

The Minister also participated in the debate on the freedom of movement of data and referred to the need to maintain existing mutual support agreements between Member States in the context of the relevant controls, supporting the integration of the single data market.

The Council, according to the agenda, addressed issues like data protection, the legislative package on the mobility of workers in the road transport sector, the safeguarding of competition in the aviation sector and the development of a strategy by the International Maritime Organization to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Cypriot Minister stressed that the development of a strategy by the International Maritime Organization to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping is of particular interest to Cyprus and welcomed the approval of the road map for the development of this strategy. He also underlined that any reduction target should be realistic and based on scientific data.

Source: Cyprus News Agency