Migrant flows to Cyprus to increase dramatically says MEP Theocharous in an interview with CNA [VIDEO]

Cypriot Member of the European Parliament Eleni Theocharous of the Group of European Reformers and Conservatives (ECR) expressed the view that migration flows to Cyprus will increase dramatically in the near future.

In an interview with CNA Theocharous said that Cyprus is a target in terms of immigration, after the rest of southern Europe have come to a saturation point or have taken measures to address the problem.

As she said, that could create a series of problems given the economic crisis that hit the country, as well as other problems.

She also pointed out that immigrants that come to Cyprus will not be able to leave for other European countries because Cyprus is not in the Schengen area.

Speaking about her work in the European Parliament, Theocharous said that from the very first day she had struggled to raise awareness on the true nature of the Cyprus problem.

“My constant challenge is to make as many MEPs as possible aware of the real nature of the Cyprus problem, she said.

She added that it is unacceptable that most MEPs wrongly believe that Turks were always living in the North, and Greeks were always living in the South and that they had border differences. She added that some MEPs do not even know where Cyprus is on the geographic map but at the same time they have a strong opinion about how the Cyprus problem should be solved.

Theocharous also said that Cyprus should take advantage of all the opportunities the EU has to offer to improve education and health.

She quoted Nelson Mandela on the role of education for the development of a country and she also stressed the need for multiculturalism and further promotion of the rich culture of Cyprus, taking advantage of the good practices in other member -states.

Regarding the health sector, she said that while cross-border care has been implemented almost in all member-states of the EU, Cyprus cannot yet use it for the benefit of its people because there is no National Health System.

The Cypriot MEP also spoke about her involvement with the European Parliament’s DEVE Committee for the Development of poor countries around the world. As she said her presence there was quite effective and several of her positions have been included in reports and opinions of the European Parliament. She added that last year she participated in 25 difficult journeys in countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Theocharous noted that she contributed to the EPs policies due to her long experience as a volunteer doctor in many parts of the world.

Finally, asked whether she will seek re-election for the EP elections in 2019, Theocharous said she hasn’t decided yet but she said she is rather negative as to this prospect.

Source: Cyprus News Agency