Meeting at Foreign Ministry with Deneia village residents over buffer zone situation

A meeting took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today for coordination purposes after a problem emerged with the cultivation of land in the buffer zone where Deneia village is located in Nicosia District.

The goal is to restore the rights of farmers and ensure that they will be able to have free access to and be able to cultivate their land under conditions of full security.

In statements, the ministrys spokesman Demetris Samuel said that as always the ministry is informed at all times and closely monitors developments regarding recent incidents during which farmers were harassed by the Turkish occupying army, adding that it takes steps and makes demarches when and where it is thought pertinent.

“In this context, a meeting between the relevant directorate with Deneia community council president and the representative of affected farmers took place for reasons of further coordination,” he said.

Our goal in this case, he added, is the restoration of the rights of farmers and the free access to and cultivation of their land under conditions of full security.”

Samuel thanked the community council president and the farmers for their cooperation and said he did not wish to make any further statements.

On Tuesday morning Greek Cypriot farmers from Deneia, a village in the Nicosia District, entered the adjacent buffer zone to cultivate land, accompanied by members of UNFICYP, while 15-20 minutes later they were asked by Turkish soldiers to leave the area. Similar incidents were also recorded in the past few days.

Source: Cyprus News Agency