Medical consumables ordered from China due in Cyprus on Saturday, Minister says

Cyprus Health Minister ConstantinosIoannou has announced that a large cargo of medical consumables the government has ordered from China is set to arrive in Cyprus on Saturday.

Speaking during a press conference on Monday afternoon during which he also announced the tightening of restrictive measures in place to fight the coronavirus outbreak, Ioannou referred to the adequacy of medical equipment and other consumables for health professionals in public hospitals, noting “in a responsible way, to make it clear that right now we have sufficient quantities who cover our needs for the days to come.”

“As I have said many times, we have seen to it in a timely manner so that we have the necessary quantities, but due to international shortages their supply is difficult,” he added.

Ioannou announced that our continuous efforts have had a result and as I was informed a little while ago, on Saturday the first large cargo of consumables we ordered will arrive from China, on a special flight which has been offered to us by Aegean in cooperation with Hellenic Petroleum,” expressing the governments heartfelt thanks to the two companies.

“This cargo, which we will purchase will cover our needs during the entire crucial period,” he said.

He added that the government has already ordered additional quantities and will charter a second flight to transport them to the island if necessary.

The Health Minister also extended his thanks to the government of China, “for its help and symbolic donation of part of the consumables.”

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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