MARKETS: USD under pressure after weak NFP report

This headline reading is nothing else but shockingly unexpected, and represents the weakest non-farm payrolls (NFP) headline reading for almost six years.

The USD is understandably encountering heavy selling pressure following this disastrous jobs number, while the longer-term prospects for the Dollar will be correlated to how the US Federal Reserve looks at this NFP report.

Speaking of which, it is worth considering that the Federal Reserve is now supposedly “data dependent”, meaning the US central bank is no longer just focusing on job reports and will be focusing on the wider aspects of US economic data as a whole.

The wider aspects of the US economy have been performing stronger than expected recently, which is why US interest rate expectations for the summer have been revived over the past month. This NFP report will not completely close the door on US interest rate talk yet, but it does add another sudden turn on this roundabout regarding how the US economy is really performing.

Source: Financial Mirror