Maritime Archaeology Outreach Bus touring Cyprus

Maritime Archaeology Outreach Bus, known as MOB, will be in Cyprus between May 5- June 15 and will be touring major cities where children and adults will have the chance to get acquainted with the not so known area of maritime archaeology.

MOB is coming to Cyprus, thanks to funding from the Honor Frost Foundation, and with the cooperation of Maritime Archaeological Trust (MAT), Maritime Archaeological Stewardship Trust (MAST), and the Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory (MARELab) of the University of Cyprus.

Maritime archaeology courses have been offered at the UCY since 2007. The MARELab was established in 2011, aiming to serve as a dynamic venue of educational activities and interdisciplinary research on Maritime Archaeology.

MARELab is the only institution in Cyprus able to conduct underwater archaeological investigations.

MOB will visit a range of locations and venues around the island to communicate the importance of maritime cultural heritage and to raise its profile.

MOB began its tours in Britain and only recently has gone out of borders and visited France, Spain and Belgium. Cyprus is the next stop.

Post Doctorate student at UCY Anna Demetriou told CNA that the bus will visit all major cities in Cyprus and smaller communities and villages.

In the morning the bus will be visiting schools and in the afternoon it will be stationed in public spots where people can come and visit, free of charge, she said.

She explained that the bus will be hosting displays and exhibitions on maritime archaeology in Cyprus, as well as audio and video material related to diving and research methods, ships in antiquity (construction, development etc), marine finds and conservation.

Through interactive means, children and adults will be able to get information on maritime archaeology, will also have a ship building desk where we will demonstrate various shipping methods, from the ancient times, until now, Demetriou said.

She explained that the UCY has been granted permission by the Ministry of Education to visit schools and there has been great interest in the bus tour by school units to brief the students.

The tour will commence on May 5th from the Akrotiri Environmental Center and will wrap up its visit in Paphos, on June 15th.

We want to raise awareness about our maritime culture, to inform people on maritime archaeology and through education we believe that we will get people interested Demetriou told CNA.

Source: Cyprus News Agency