Malas says his aim is to build bridges by telling the truth

Presidential candidate Stavros Malas said on Sunday that the elections were a process which concerns everyone, and noted that his aim was to build bridges between politics and the citizens, by telling the truth, not lies.

Speaking after casting his vote at a polling station in Nicosia, in Sunday’s run-off presidential elections, Malas said that today is the day of the citizens, adding that the election process concerns all of us, all those of us who want to know what a European and multicultural state is.

Malas said that on this day the young people are deciding on their future, they are deciding if this future will be promising, whether they are abroad or in Cyprus.

Today is the day of the workers, who are worried about their rights, worried about tomorrow, and if the state will support these rights in this financial crisis, he added.

According to Malas, it is also the time for those who suffered the consequences of the crisis of 2013 in the banking sector and wonder if the state will address this huge injustice in a reliable manner.

In his remarks, Malas also referred to health and education, entrepreneurship, the Cyprus problem and the reunification of Cyprus, culture, and the environment.

Source: Cyprus News Agency