Magnificent Seven – Fragrance Du Bois Announces Expansion Plans for September 2016

GENEVA, Sept. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — For Oud aficionados and fragrance fans around the world, the French, luxury perfume house, Fragrance Du Bois and its glittering array of products, may soon be even closer.

With existing, beautifully appointed boutiques already turning heads in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and at the House of Jovoy in Paris, Fragrance Du Bois will open its doors in no less than seven new locations before the end of September, significantly increasing the global footprint of the young, vibrant brand.

The famous Rue du Rhone in Geneva is home to Fragrance Du Bois’ latest flagship boutique in Europe (photo credit to Citizen Hedonist).

Fragrance Du Bois has realised that the appetite for the 100% pure, natural Oud oil and its associated products is already overwhelming, and continuing to grow, and is addressing this with ambitious plans to cater to an ever-expanding market.

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Home to many of the world’s most prestigious, luxury brands, Geneva, Switzerland will soon be playing host to the latest Fragrance Du Bois flagship boutique. With interior design elements that have already captivated customers in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Singapore, the boutique at 8 Rue du Rhône is set to become a landmark for European Oud lovers and “perfumistas”.

Fragrance Du Bois will be available in Profumo, Via Brera, Milano Italy (Photo credit to Profumo Milano).

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Staying in Europe, Fragrance Du Bois will be opening along a street that is becoming synonymous with the world of perfumery — the Via Brera, in Milan, Italy — in the heart of a district that has for years now been associated with design, art, innovation and creativity. In association with Profumo — one of the oldest and most respected family-owned perfumeries in Italy — Fragrance Du Bois’ signature sampling trunk and cloche table will take to the retail stage.

In Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spain, Fragrance Du Bois will be tempting the olfactory palates of international jetsetters and fragrance lovers at the house of Niche Perfumes — an exclusive boutique that prides itself on carrying only the most exclusive, innovative products.

Set in the heart of the Middle East, and associated with Oud and all its by-products for thousands of years, Doha, Qatar, was a logical location choice in Fragrance Du Bois’ plans for expansion.

Continuing its synergistic partnership with the House of Jovoy — which is proving so successful and rewarding in Paris, France — Fragrance Du Bois will become an integral part of Jovoy’s new, flagship boutique in the Middle East. Apart from Fragrance Du Bois’ range of exotic fragrances, vintage, rare Oud oils will also be on display, and will be sure to tempt the region’s leading Oud connoisseurs.

Moving east to Asia, Fragrance Du Bois’ opening in Hong Kong has particular significance, both commercially and emotionally.

Hong Kong, or “Fragrant Harbour”, became the officially recorded name after the Treaty of Nanking in 1842, and was so called because of the trade in agarwood (from which Oud oil is derived) that passed through the bustling port more than a century and a half ago. Only one plantation of the Aquilaria species of tree that produces agarwood remains in the territory, and it is now managed on behalf of Fragrance Du Bois.

Fragrance Du Bois will de debuting in East Asia at Hong Kong’s first and only artistic perfume boutique, Parfumerie Trésor, in the city’s Central district at 28 Lyndhurst Terrace, and plans are in place for a unique expression in the FDB range that will contain Oud oil distilled from a plantation in Hong Kong for the first time in more than 100 years.

Moving east to Asia, Fragrance Du Bois will be available in Hong Kong at Parfumerie Tresor.

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“As a company, we have always been forward thinking, and aware of the role we play in looking after the environment as well as in protecting endangered species,” said Nicola Parker, Fragrance Du Bois’ Brand Director. “All the Oud we produce is from our own, managed, sustainable plantations, and this also means that we have absolute quality control. The demand for our boutiques and our pure Oud concept is overwhelming, and our expansion plans reflect this. At this juncture, we are only limited by logistics and our creative team’s ability to design and fit new outlets while remaining true to our standards and ethos.”

With new “boutique within a store” concept openings at Robinsons in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, Fragrance Du Bois will be increasing its outlets around the world by a magnificent seven by the end of September, with plans already in place for Zurich, Riyadh, Jeddah, Muscat, Dubai, Los Angeles and New York in the months ahead. Something special and unique is also in the pipeline for London, but the company is remaining tight lipped for now.

“With the demand for our fragrances, associated products and the guest brands that we also carry,” concluded Parker, “We’re on track for a global presence in some 200 locations by the year 2020, and while it seems daunting, we believe we can do it. Our mantra ‘Pure Oud, Pure Luxury’ is reverberating around the world, and we will do our very best to maintain the momentum, and keep up with the demand.”
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About Fragrance Du Bois

Fragrance Du Bois is a niche luxury perfume house born from the richest essences of nature, crafted by fifth generation perfumers from the 17th century French traditions of Grasse. At the heart of all Fragrance Du Bois’ creations is our signature Oud that exudes the ultimate in luxury, being both distinctive and unique. All the Oud used by Fragrance Du Bois is produced on our own sustainably managed plantations, and is guaranteed to be ethically and sustainably sourced.