Lord Adonis to say “Brexit is not inevitable”

Lord Adonis, a member of the House of Lords of Greek Cypriot descent, will tell a business gathering this evening that Brexit is not inevitable.

Through a process of elimination, the UK is now more than likely to remain in the European Union, Lord Adonis will explain.

As Prime Minister May struggles to assemble a parliamentary majority for her deal, and as parliament is likely to reject a no deal scenario, the only option left standing to break the current political deadlock will be to hold another referendum. An extension to Article 50 will enable parliament to properly regulate for a People’s Vote, which will overturn the result of the referendum of 2016.

Lord Adonis will make these bold predictions at the annual reception of the UK-Cyprus Enterprise Council, hosted by vice-chair Stelio Stefanou OBE.

Chair of the Council, Peter Droussiotis said: Lord Adonis remarks will be music to the ears of many Cypriots. The diaspora and Cypriot citizens alike enjoy the freedom to travel, work, study and exchange freely between the UK and Cyprus, under a single EU citizenship. Cyprus enjoys the unique position of being both an EU member and a member of the Commonwealth. It would be a great shame if any of these ties were weakened.

Polling undertaken by the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK has revealed that over 80% of the Cypriot community in the UK oppose Brexit, and applications for Cypriot citizenship have sky rocketed.

Now that the facts about what Brexit really means have become clearer, an insurgent campaign led by the younger generation has been gaining momentum, Lord Adonis will say. We can get a People’s Vote, and we can win a People’s Vote.

The UK-Cyprus Enterprise Council is an independent, voluntary, apolitical, not-for-profit organisation led by UK Cypriot entrepreneurs, professionals and philanthropists, which works to strengthen bilateral links between the UK and Cyprus. The Council itself does not hold any political positions, and has members who both support and oppose Brexit.

Source: Cyprus News Agency