Livadia Municipality aims at at cultivating an environmental conscience

The first municipality in Larnaca district which introduced packaging recycling, continues its efforts to promote the protection of the environment, aiming at cultivating an environmental conscience at schools as it is believed students can help influence the attitude of parents at home.

In statements to CNA, Livadia Mayor Marios Armenis said the Municipality is the first local authority in Larnaca district to implement a recycling programme, adding that in the framework of its efforts to inform its citizens on recycling, recycling bags and promotional material will be distributed through schools.

We believe that students can persuade the parents who do not yet recycle, to start, adding that through younger students we can achieve better enlightment.

Armenis explained that door to door recycling takes place at Livadia every Friday.

Unfortunately we do not have a Green Point, we have applied twice but it was not possible, he said, adding that the municipality has special bins for people to drop garden and other waste, to avoid dumping them at plots, rivers or in the fields.

Special skips are situated throughout the year at the municipality so the citizens can dispose of their tree clippings and other waste.

After Easter, Armenis said, a large container will be placed in the municipality for citizens to drop off electrical devices.

There are also recycling bins for PMD, glass and clothing and twice a year, there are campaigns to collect old clothing.

Source: Cyprus News Agency