Limitation of Cyprus’ EEZ does not serve Turkish Cypriots’ interests, Lakkotrypis tells Economist conference

Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis has said that the limitation Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone does not serve Turkish Cypriots interests in any way, questioning Turkeys arguments that its interventions aim at protecting Turkish Cypriots’ interests.

Lakkotrypis focused on important developments on oil exploration in Cyprus EEZ during a speech he delivered at the Economist conference in Athens.

Lakkotrypis referred to the new discovery in “Calypso” gas field, noting that this means that new resources will be added to Cyprus energy portfolio. The discovery of “Kalypso” means greater investment interest in other blocks as well, Lakkotrypis said, referring at the same time to transnational partnerships of the country with Egypt, Greece and Israel, as well as with other countries involved.

Referring to Turkeys attitude in the Cypriot EEZ, he noted that Ankara has been violating the international law, while the Republic of Cyprus is seeking co-operation among countries.

At the same time, Lakkotrypis referred to “Aphrodite” gas field, noting that Cyprus cooperation with the EU to promote transnational cooperation is at an advanced stage, while EU participation in East Med increases with two new projects, of 100 million euros for the gas pipeline and 135 million euros for the pipeline studies.

“In the coming months Cyprus begins work with ExxonMobil in block 10, and there is a great expectation on this,” he added, noting that a better image is also expected concerning “Calypso” gas field, while developments are also expected by ENI and Total with regard to block 3.

Earlier this year, SAIPEM 12000 drillship, commissioned by Italian energy company ENI, to start drilling operations in block 3 of Cyprus’ EEZ was halted by five Turkish warships, while making a new effort to reach Soupia target, which it was unable to fulfil due to Turkish threats.

Source: Cyprus News Agency