Legislation regulating Britons residency in Cyprus in case of disorderly Brexit adopted

The House of Representatives plenary unanimously adopted on Friday legislation which regulates the freedom of movement and residency of UK citizens and members of their families in Cyprus in case of a disorderly Brexit.

In a twitter comment the British High Commission in Cyprus has welcomed the House Plenary’s unanimous approval of the government’s bill which guarantees that even in a no-deal Brexit, UK Nationals legally residing in #Cyprus before #Brexit will retain their citizens’ rights here!

We’d like to thank the Cypriot government and MPs for reciprocating the UK’s commitment to EU nationals in the UK, it continues.

All UK nationals are kindly reminded to ensure you have applied for residency in #Cyprus before #Brexit #UKnationalsIinCyprus.

If the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without having reached an exit agreement then the legislation guarantees the right of freedom of movement and residency in the Republic of Cyprus of UK citizens and their dependents, who resided or will choose to reside in the Republic until Brexit occurs.

The legislation passed today includes provisions which regulate the procedure of getting residency documents by UK citizens.

According to information presented before MPs when the bill was discussed at parliamentary committee level, most EU member states have passed such measures on the basis of the reciprocity principle aiming to guarantee the rights of EU citizens residing in the UK in case of a disorderly Brexit.

The legislation is proposed to come into force at a date to be decided by the Cabinet.

MPs were briefed that the EU has extended the foreseen deadline for Brexit to October 31, 2019. If no agreement is reached, then once the deadline passes then Brexit without a deal will take place automatically.

Source: Cyprus News Agency