Larnaka temporary “Green Spot” operational

A temporary “Green Spot”, located next to the Technical School of Ayios Lazaros, which was set up by the municipality of Larnaka, is operational and receives for free “solid waste such as garden clippings, electrical appliances, wood, furniture, ironware and recyclable materials such as glass bottles, PMD and paper.”

In a press release the Municipality of Larnaka says that “solid waste and other waste is received for free from households.” However it specifies that “under no circumstances does the Green Spot accept solid waste from commercial activities, contractors, industries or other professional bodies.”

The winter opening hours of the temporary Green Spot are from 0630 – 1700 hours from Monday to Sunday for the months of October until the end of March. The summer opening hours are from 0600 to 2000 hours from Monday to Sunday for the months from April until the end of September.

People are asked “to use the temporary Green Spot instead of placing solid waste in open spaces within the city, parks, empty plots and pavements.”

For more information interested parties can contact the Sanitation Department of the Larnaka Municipality, by phone on: 24816540 or 24816541.

Source: Cyprus News Agency