Larnaca Municipality advises the public on how to recycle properly

Although recycling is part of our everyday lives for more than 9 years, separation of recyclable material in the source is not done properly in many parts of the city, says the Municipality of Larnaca. As a result, this material is not collected and ends being discarded as waste, the municipality says in a written announcement, under the title Recycle properly.

It is noted that the blue bin and transparent recycling bags are used to put all plastic, paper, aluminium and tinplate packages. These include plastic bottles for water or soft drinks, detergents, yoghurt, butter, shampoos, cleaning products and bags. The same goes for beer and soft drink tins, as well as cans containing oil, coffee, evaporated milk, tuna fish, tomato paste, animal feed, sprays, tetrapak packages for juices, tomato paste, coffee, milk and more.

Plastic toys, single use plastic cups, bags of chips, old plastic furniture and polystyrene should not be discarded in PMD bins.

Br?wn bins and brown bags are suitable for paper packages such as cereals, biscuits, pizza, detergents, other carton packages, newspapers and magazines, flyers and office paper, it is added. Kitchen roll and napkins, tetrapak packages for juice and other products as well as paper dishes should not be placed there, the announcement says.

Larnaca Municipality notes finally that green bins are installed in many locations for glass, including bottles and jars of any color. Glass and ceramic plates, cups, drinking glasses, cooking utilities and light bulbs should not be placed there, it is noted.

Recyclable material is being collected door to door once every week, on a predetermined day for every area. The public can learn more by visiting the website of Green Dot Cyprus at or by contacting the Municipality at 24816559, 24816556, 24816540 and 24816541.

Recycling helps protect the environment and improve people’s quality of life, while reducing the bulk of waste that ends up in landfills, the announcement concludes.

Source: Cyprus News Agency