Labour Minister participates in the Employment and Social Policy Council

At the EU Employment and Social Policy Council, which was held on Friday, March 3, in Brussels, the Minister of Labor, Social Insurance and Welfare, Ms Zeta Emilianidou, welcomed the European Commission’s proposal for an amended regulation to update and modernize the coordination of European social security systems, and noted that Cyprus is in agreement with any amendments related to the European Court rulings, for purposes of legal clarity and uniform application. Minister Emilianidou agreed with the proposal’s objective of further modernization of the EU rules, in order these to become more transparent and fair, and stated that the principle of equal treatment and the free movement of persons and workers would have not been possible without prior the coordination of the social security systems.

Ministers were also invited to discuss the European Semester 2017. During an exchange of views on the subject, Labor Minister Emilianidou said that the enhanced participation in the labor market requires the development of comprehensive and multidimensional approaches at national level that not only meet the needs of people who are actively looking for employment, but also meet the needs of the market labor. For this reason, active measures and employment policies need to be targeted and be debated with social partners; an approach that Cyprus follows with success.

Moreover, Ms Emilianidou said that the policy which is being followed by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus is to subsidize employment and not unemployment by providing, at the same time, the social safety net for those who are in need through the Minimum Guaranteed Income allowance. Measures to help reconcile work and family life are of the utmost importance in order the participation in the labor market to increase, Ms Emilianidou further noted and underlined as a positive development the fact that the social partners are now granted some time in order to study the National Reform Programme prepared by the Member States; a course that helps in the subsequent implementation of the necessary reforms at national level, Minister said.

Source: Press and Information Office