Kyrenia municipalities and organised groups stage anti-occcupation rally

The municipalities of the Turkish occupied district of Kyrenia and refugee associations have reiterated their determination to continue their struggle to free Cyprus and rid the island of the Turkish occupation troops.

The anti-occupation rally took place on Monday evening at Makedonitissa Tomb, the burial place of Greek soldiers killed during the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, in the presence of President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades.

The participants approved a resolution, stating the will of all Kyrenia regional district inhabitants to return to their homes as legal owners and enjoy their human rights. The resolution was handed to President of the Republic.

The resolution condemns the Turkish invasion and occupation, calls for the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms of the people of Kyrenia and stressed that they want a solution which will ensure peace and prosperity for all inhabitants of the Republic of Cyprus and will also secure the return of the people of Kyrenia to their homeland without discrimination and restrictive criteria.

The resolution also advocated a political settlement with no guarantees and no intervention rights, and without foreign troops or illegal settlers.

The resolution calls on the great powers to support their struggle to return and asks that they exercise pressure on Turkey so that it will show good will for a solution of the Cyprus problem, by removing its troops, putting an end to its claims for anachronistic guarantees and realising that the faits accomplis of its invasion and continuing occupation cannot be accepted either by the people of Cyprus or the international community.

Kyrenia Bishop Chrysostomos made an appeal for the return of the refugees to their homes, and called for moves to establish the fate of missing persons. He also held a memorial service for those killed during the 1974 Turkish invasion.

Kyrenia Mayor Rita Elissaiou Komodiki said that we have a duty towards those killed but also towards the new generation to remember, to set an example, and to plan the present and the future. She also noted that Turkey came to Cyprus in order to stay and that Turkey’s objective is to legitimise the faits accomplis of its invasion and occupation through the peace talks.

Kyrenia Mayor also pointed out that the legal owners of the occupied land and especially the people of Kyrenia do not authorize anyone to negotiate their property right. She added that the faits accomplis of the occupation must be overturned and not legitimised.

The event was organised by the municipalities of Kyrenia, Lapithos, Karavas, the Union of Kyrenia Communities, refugee associations of Lapithos and Karavas and Kyrenia District Women’s Club.

Source: Cyprus News Agency