Koutsokoumnis elected as UEFA representative at FIFA Executive Committee

The President of the Cyprus Football Association Costakis Koutsokoumnis was elected as representative of UEFA at FIFA Executive Committee.

The election was unanimously ratified on Wednesday during the UEFA Congress held on Wednesday in Helsinki, Finland.

According to an announcement, issued by Cyprus Football Association, the election of Koutsokoumnis as a representative at FIFA Executive Committee constitutes an important development both for the Cyprus football in general and for the President personally. Koutsokoumnis was elected for a four year term.

The Congress discussed various issues related to the European Football, with emphasis on the operation and the governance of UEFA. To this end, a number of constitutional changes were voted concerning the role of the President and the Executive Committee.

Among other changes, a provision for imposing a limit on terms of UEFA representatives, including the President, was approved. According to the proposal that was approved, the highest number of terms was determined to three (12 years in total).

Source: Cyprus News Agency