Kissonerga best community in recycling

Kissonerga continues to be first in recycling among local communities, including Paphos communities, for the first quarter of 2018, according to Community President Giorgos Stylianou.

In an interview with CNA, Stylianou said that, according to the latest results released by Green Dot Cyprus, the collection of PMD in Kissonerga was around 10kg per citizen, followed by Tala with 6kg per citizen.

He added that it was significant to point out that these results concern the period January-March 2018, when the area’s hotels are closed.

This, he said, shows in practice that recycling in Kissonerga has become part of the citizens’ life and served as an example to follow for other communities.

Asked about the materials collected, Stylianou said they were many packaging, tins, plastic, and paper. He added that the recyclable materials were collected from households once a week.

Referring to hotels in the area, Stylianou said the local authority has placed large recycling bins which are emptied by a truck.

This success, he said, was due to a proper awareness campaign carried out by the local authority. The awareness campaign was launched with informative material sent to all homes. The materials are still sent from time to time, so that the campaign is not forgotten, Stylianou explained.

Furthermore, Stylianou said that the people wait for the recycling day and sort the recyclable materials at home.

He added that the amount of rubbish collected including organic waste has dropped, while the collection of recyclable materials has increased.

Stylianou noted that the success of Kissonerga in the recycling sector is also due to the Community Council, which has embraced and supported recycling with a proper campaign and because it is the first local authority in Paphos which has been implementing door to door collection for the past four years.

The citizens of Kissonerga, he pointed out, view recycling positively and consider this a collective effort. He expressed satisfaction that Kissonerga came first in recycling, noting that it was not easy.

He thanked the citizens of Kissonerga for their efforts in recycling, aiming at the protection of the environment.

Source: Cyprus News Agency