Italian Navy Frigate ”Espero” in Cyprus on technical stop

The Italian Navy Frigate “Espero” arrived on Thursday in Larnaka, on the south coast of Cyprus for a technical stop.

The vessel, carrying a crew of 160 , will be in Cyprus until 8 January. A press release from the Italian Embassy says that the technical stop is an ideal occasion to strengthen relations with the Cyprus Navy and the National Guard, in the field of maritime security.

The frigate takes part in the “Safe Sea Plan”, an aeronautical exercise designed to protect Italian interests in Central Mediterranean, to guarantee the safety of maritime communications, to combat trafficking, to protect the Italian fishing vessels and the drilling platforms in international waters north of Libya.

Launched in Taranto, Italy on January 1, Espero is one of the frigates of the Mistral class and is run by Captain Frigate Giorgio Occhetto.

Source: Cyprus News Agency