It is necessary to give time to diplomatic activities, Italian diplomatic source tells CNA

For the moment diplomatic action is underway and it is necessary that we give time to this kind of activities, an Italian diplomatic source told CNA on Tuesday asked about Turkish actions in Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), while invited to comment press reports saying that Italy will send a frigate to the region, it noted that it has no such information.

All actions are taken at the diplomatic level in contact with the government of Cyprus of course, the source noted, adding that “we are not the only one active on that matter. It is it a very complex and delicate situation,” it said, underlining that it is important to leave the governments to work.

Furthermore, the source noted that “what is on is a Turkish NAVTEX which does not allow activity in a large portion of sea including the area where SAIPEM 12000 is directed.”

Asked about the deliberations which are currently taking place, the source said that “all possible channels are open and we are taking all the possible initiatives at the diplomatic level.”

Meanwhile, a diplomatic source in Nicosia told CNA that the Cyprus government has been officially informed about the actions taken by Italy, but it does not want to make any comments on them.

Italian energy giant ENIs drillship SAIPEM 12000 was halted on Saturday by Turkish warships en route to a location within Block 3 of Cyprus’ EEZ.

Source: Cyprus News Agency