Israel cannot find a better friend in the region than Cyprus, Ambassador Revel says

Israel cannot find a better friend in the region than Cyprus, and Cyprus a better friend than Israel, Israeli Ambassador in Nicosia Shmuel Revel said after a meeting he had on Friday with EDEK party leader Marinos Sizopoulos.

“We are facing together common challenges, challenges coming from extremist forces and we together share the values of democracy, stability, security for our people and we want to see also prosperity for the region,” Revel said, adding that “we have to work together to ensure it.”

Revel said that they had a very good discussion with Sizopoulos, noting that “it is very important that we discuss in a very open and friendly way about the big challenges that we have in our region, in the Eastern Mediterranean region.”

Moreover he said that they discussed about bilateral relations. “Together we have to develop our bilateral relations in all the fields, in energy, in the field of tourism but also very much in the field of innovation,” he noted.

“And we also spoke about issues of medical cooperation and generally to develop research between our countries, to inspire future generations and to create a better future,” he said.

On his part, Sizopoulos said that they discussed in an open mind the various issues concerning the broader Eatern Mediterranean and Middle East region, which is particularly unstable.

He said that they focused on ways the two countries can enhance their cooperation in various fields, with a view to create conditions for more security and stability in the region and cooperation that will be to the benefit of their people.

Sizopoulos said that this cooperation could be founded on issues concerning geostrategic data relating mainly to natural gas but also on issues linked to technology, development, medical science and other fields in which Cypriot and Israeli scientists will be able to cooperate to the benefit of the two countries.

He said that they agreed to hold regular meetings with a view to build sound and substantial relations of friendship and cooperation.

Source: Cyprus News Agency