Iraq to join cooperation schemes which Cyprus and Greece establish with countries of the region

Iraq will join the schemes of cooperation which Cyprus and Greece have been establishing with countries of the region, after the participation of the Iraqi Foreign Minister in a meeting with the Foreign Ministers of Cyprus, Greece and Jordan that was held in Amman on Sunday, on the sidelines of the second Trilateral Summit of the three countries.

According to information, it is currently under consideration whether Iraq would join the trilateral cooperation scheme of Cyprus, Greece and Jordan or the trilateral cooperation scheme of Cyprus, Greece and Egypt.

Moreover, a multilateral cooperation scheme may be set up with the participation of Cyprus, Greece, Jordan and Egypt.

The Declaration issued after the Trilateral Summit among Cyprus, Greece and Jordan said that the Foreign Ministers of the three countries have decided to meet with the Foreign Minister of Iraq in Baghdad in the near future.

According to information, on this occasion an economic-business forum will be organized in the Iraqi capital with the participation of all sides.

Source: Cyprus News Agency