Investment Funds in Cyprus reach a new all-time high

Investment Funds operating to Cyprus reached 142 in the third quarter of 2018, marking a new all-time high, according to data released by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

According to CBC data, the investment funds assets grew by 3% to 4.85 billion compared with Euros 4.7 billion in June 2018.

The majority of the Investment Fund’s assets were distributed to equity with Euros 1.87 billion or 38.4%, followed by real estate with Euros 1.38 billion or 28.5% and other assets with Euros 0.91 billion or 18.9%. Mixed assets amounted to Euros 0.54 or 11.1% of total assets, whereas bonds holdings amounted to 3.11% of total assets or Euros 0.14 billion.

Source: Cyprus News Agency