Investment funds assets rise to record high level in December 2017

The total assets of investment funds increased by approximately Euros 700 mn on a quarterly basis, reaching a historically high level, according to data released on Tuesday by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

The total assets of investment funds increased at the end of December 2017 to Euros 3.45 bn, compared to Euros 2.74 bn in September 2017, showing an increase of approximately 26%, which is highest level ever recorded.

The number of investment funds rose to 114 in December 2017 compared to 108 in September.

The data showed that the deposits and loans of the investment funds amounted to Euros 220.4 million in December 2017, while their investments in securities stood at Euros 240.3 million, in shares and other related securities at Euros 2.69 billion, in non-financial items at Euros 127.8 million and in other assets at Euros 175.1 million.

Source: Cyprus News Agency