Illegal possession of drugs and weapons the most frequent findings of road policing

Possession of drugs, weapons and explosives by drivers are among the most frequent findings during road policing, according to Police data. Police Spokesperson Andreas Aggelides revealed Sunday that in total, there have been 425 cases in 2015 and 441 cases in 2016, with illegal findings recording a slight increase of around 3.5%.

Road policing is in force since 2013 and, as Aggelides said, it is based on the fact that there is a possibility for drivers out in the streets to commit other, non-driving-related offenses.

Commenting on the small increase in cases last year, the Spokesperson said this may be due to more effective checks and added that the Police is studying the data to improve policing and crime prevention.

In 2015 there were 80 drug cases, compared to 79 in 2016. Moreover there were 48 cases of illegal possession of arms, explosives or offensive equipment in 2015, reduced to 41 in 2016.

In 5 cases in 2015 and 13 cases in 2016, the Police was able to discover stolen goods inside a car, and 25 times in 2015 and 48 times in 2016 members of the Force identified a wanted or missing person among a vehicles passengers.

Most cases were recorded in Limassol District in 2016, while Larnaca District came first in 2015.

Source: Cyprus News Agency