IFJ condemns Turkey’s actions to suppress press freedom in Cyprus

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has condemned a campaign against Afrika newspaper in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus by Turkish authorities.

This campaign against Afrika newspaper by Turkish authorities seems a clear attempt to put pressure on Cypriot journalists and to put press freedom behind bars, as they have done in Turkey, said IFJ General Secretary, Anthony Bellanger.

The IFJ strongly condemns any action taken by Turkey to intervene in the Cyprian jurisdiction in order to punish media and suppress press freedom, he adds.

According to the IFJ a cartoon published by Afrika on 14 December under the title Through Greek eyes, shows a Greek statue urinating on the head of President Erdogan. The visual had been originally published in a Greek daily.

Following the publication, it adds, parties and groups of Turkish nationals have been staging protests outside the offices of Afrika, some of them throwing eggs at the building that houses the daily, media added, and some organisations have threatened the newspaper and its authors and demanded it cease being published.

In addition, the press release says Turkey’s ’embassy’ in the north of Cyprus announced it has filed a criminal complaint against Afrika, while Turkish Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Cyprus Affairs, Recep Akdag, called on regional ‘prosecutors’ to bring the daily to justice, according to media.

Source: Cyprus News Agency