‘I live in hope that it can be done’, Juncker tells Politico on Cyprus’ reunification

The President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, said once again that “it is with great personal sadness that we have not yet seen the reunification of the island, but I live in hope that it can be done”, reffering to the Cyprus issue, in a newsletter he wrote for Politico – Brussels, on his last working day of his term.

More specifically, repeating a full account of the achievements of his term, the President stated the following on Cyprus: “the first official visit I made to an EU country as president of the Commission was to Cyprus, where I consumed enough halloumi/hellim to last a lifetime (I didn’t tell them, but I’m really not a fan of this rubbery stuff). It is with great personal sadness that we have not yet seen the reunification of the island, but I live in hope that it can be done.”

President Juncker also repeated that “it is no secret that Europe is and will always be the great love of my life and so to lead the European Commission over the past five years has truly been the greatest of honors.”

He also claimed that “since the start of my Commission, 14 million jobs were created” and “the EU and euro area experienced 25 consecutive quarters of economic growth”. “We struck trade agreements with 16 new countries, supporting 5 million extra jobs. Some 172,000 young Europeans volunteered for the European Solidarity Corps”, the President stated.

On the “Greek crisis summer of 2015”, he repeated that “we spent seven months, 16 Eurogroup meetings and four euro summits fighting to keep Greece in the eurozone. This was a trying time for us all � though for no one more so than for the courageous people of Greece. And I say this after having been one of the adults in the room in more than 500 meetings in the Council. These months alone deserve a good book of their own � with the people of Greece as the true heroes of the story.”

On Brexit he stated that “in November 2015, the United Kingdom submitted a request to improve what many already considered to be favorable membership arrangements. This was the beginning of a trilogy of Commission task forces dedicated to trying to navigate our way through murky waters not of our own making: UKTF, TF50, and now we are back to UKTF (we ran out of creative acronyms, just be glad we put the TF and the UK in the right order). Four years later, I will be leaving before the U.K. does. In a way, I am not unhappy about this because it breaks my heart to see a member of our Union leave its midst.”

Juncker will formally farewell the Brussels Press during the daily midday briefing. As of Monday the new team is taking over.

Source: Cyprus News Agency