I did not imagine that we would reach the top of Europe, Foureira says

When CyBC and Cyprus asked me to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision song contest, I imagined that I would have a unique experience. I did not imagine that we would reach the top of Europe, singer Eleni Foureira has said, adding that the final outcome was a great surprise and joy for her.

Foureira, who came 2nd in the Eurovision song contest this year in Portugal, giving Cyprus the best place in its history, with Alex Papaconstantinou’s song Fuego was received today at the Presidential Palace by Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades.

Papaconstantinou was also present at the meeting as well as Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou, CyBC President Thanasis Tsokos and CyBC Director General Michalis Maratheftis.

President Anastasiades welcomed the singer and congratulated her, CyBC and all the team for their success.

Cyprus was promoted on an international level, he said, adding that it was the most important participation in the Eurovision song contest for Cyprus so far.

I felt the need to meet you personally and to convey to you my friendliest of feelings but also the great suspense and pleasure you gave us that evening, President Anastasiades noted.

Replying to journalists’ questions after the meeting Foureira said that President Anastasiades was very friendly, very sweet and his words were very moving. She thanked him and said it is an honour for her to be here.

Asked about a contract she has signed with Sony the singer said that what is happening is very beautiful. I am a low-key person, she noted, adding that she is not ungrateful and she feels very happy about everything she managed to do together with the CyBC team and Alex Papaconstantinou in Lisbon.

Replying to another question she said that when the proposal came from CyBC and Cyprus I imagined that I would experience something unique. I did not imagine that we would reach Europe’s top and that everyone would try buying the Cypriot flag and to see that half of the arena had Cypriot flags.

So, she added, I felt a great surprise and a great joy. We achieved our goal.

Replying to a question on her presence in the celebrations of the Cyprus Pride Festival, yesterday, she said that it was very beautiful experience.

There were many people. We had a a very beautiful message to convey and we sang ‘Fuego’.

Replying to a comment that she gave many young people the courage to express their diversity she said that it was a great honour and joy for her, adding that if one can have a positive influence on people they should.

Asked about her summer tour, she said it kicks off on June 9, in Limassol.

She just started singing and I just knew this is going to be amazing, composer says


On his part, the composer of this year’s song for Cyprus Fuego Alex Papaconstantinou said that what was achieved was just amazing.

It’s more than I ever thought we could ever do, he said, adding that he is grateful.

Asked how the meeting with President Anastasiades said he replied great, adding that he was a really beautiful person.

It was a very relaxed and nice conversation and I am just happy to be invited and to meet him and to be back in Cyprus first time after Portugal feels great, ne pointed out.

Replying to a question as to whether when he wrote the song he expected the outcome he said not at all.

I mean, it is very hard to write for Eurovision, because it’s a lot of pressure and I definitely didn’t expect this, he noted.

Asked about the first time he met with Foureira, Papaconstantinou said we went to the studio. We were sitting next to each other and she just started singing a few lines and I just knew then that ‘OK this is going to be amazing’.

Source: Cyprus News Agency