Human rights, future of Europe, security, concern people who registered from Cyprus on platform for European elections

Human rights, issues regarding the youth, the future of Europe, security and ecology are the issues which concern the people who have registered from Cyprus on the European Parliament’s online platform This time I am voting. The platform functions in 24 languages with a view to inform people and raise their awareness about the forthcoming European elections.

Up until March 4, a total of 194,200 citizens were registered on the platform, out of which approximately 6400 were registered from Cyprus.

The country with the biggest number of registered citizens is Croatia with approximately 23 thousand people, followed by Spain with 20 thousand people, Italy with 18,800 and Germany with 18,200.

It is worth noting that 3700 citizens have been registered on the platform from the UK. However, it must be noted that those registered do not have necessarily the right to vote or may not vote to the country from which they register.

The platform also supports the thousands of volunteers in the EU member states who have been registered, and have undertaken the task to convince other citizens to vote at the elections. In Cyprus 170 have stated that they want to be volunteers in the campaign aiming to mobilize citizens so that they go to the polls.

The European elections will take place in EU member states from May 23 to 26. In Cyprus voting will take place on May 26.

Source: Cyprus News Agency