HRDA’s scheme improves prospects of employment for higher education graduates

Participants in the Human Resources Development Authority’s scheme for the employment of higher education graduates in businesses have expressed satisfaction with the scheme, saying that it improved their prospects of employment.

A press release by the HRDA says that the scheme’s purpose is to give incentives to the employers to design, organize and implement training programs in accordance with the conditions and criteria set by the HRDA, in order to meet the training needs of graduates, who are newly recruited employees.

The overwhelming majority of participants in the scheme (91,5%) are employed, six months after the conclusion of their participation, while almost 8 in 10 (79,9%) participants are still employed in the same business/organisation, as when they began their participation.

A total of 90,5% of participants have a full-time and permanent employment, while 93,5% consider as useful or very useful the knowledge and skills they acquired through their participation in the scheme.

Nine out of ten believe that their participation has improved their employment prospects, while 95,6% said they are very satisfied or satisfied with the scheme and would recommend it (98,1%).

The announcement says that the high employment rates of the participants and the high degree of satisfaction prove the usefulness of the scheme.

The scheme was selected by the European Commission in 2011 as an example of best practice in the framework of the European Unions Learning Program, for facilitating the transition from higher education to employment.

Source: Cyprus News Agency