House ratifies Cyprus-Israel military agreement

The Plenary of the House of Representatives ratified on Friday the agreement between the governments of Cyprus and Israel regarding the status of their forces in military exercises.

The votes in favour came from the Democratic Rally (DISY), the Democratic Party (DIKO), Socialist Party EDEK, the Citizens Alliance, and the Solidarity Movement.

AKEL voted against and ELAM abstained.

Speaking at the House before the ratification, MPs from parties who voted in favour of the ratification pointed out that Israel plays a significant role in the region and it was to the benefit of Cyprus to synchronise interests. They also said such agreements strengthened Cyprus sovereignty and ability to deter threats.

AKEL said cooperation with other states in the region was welcome but pointed out that Cyprus involvement in military planning may send the wrong messages to the Arab states, with which Cyprus maintains excellent relations.

ELAM said the agreement was not balanced and that Cyprus safety could be guaranteed by cooperation with Greece.

Source: Cyprus News Agency