House Presidents of Cyprus and Slovakia inaugurate photo exhibition in Bratislava to honor Slovak contingent in UNFICYP

The President of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris inaugurated on Monday a photo exhibition in Bratislava, together with his Slovak counterpart Andrej Danko, to mark the 18 year-long presence of the Slovak contingent in the UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP).

The photo exhibition in the foyer of the National Council will last until the end of May and will be also hosted by the Cyprus House of Representatives.

Addressing the event, Syllouris underlined the contribution of Slovakia in the UN peacekeeping mission, while expressing hope for the resumption of talks for a Cyprus settlement the soonest possible.

Today we honor the role and contribution of Slovakia in the UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus. We honor each and every one of the thousands of Slovak soldiers who passed from our country, contributing substantially in safeguarding the prospects for a Cyprus settlement and permanent peace in our island, he said.

Syllouris noted moreover that the photo exhibition is another proof of the appreciation of the Republic of Cyprus for the 18 year-long contribution of Slovakia to Cyprus, as well as for its continuous and constant commitment to the UN peacekeeping mission.

He said moreover that events such as this, act as permanent bridges of friendship and cooperation between the Parliaments, and further strengthen relations of mutual respect and of continuous interaction between the people of Cyprus and Slovakia.

The President of the House of Representatives also expressed hope for the resumption of talks for a Cyprus settlement the soonest possible, that will lead to a comprehensive solution.

Replying to questions from journalists, Syllouris underlined the importance of maintaining the presence of the UN peacekeeping force on the island, adding that some, influenced by Turkey, try to withdraw UN forces, while witnessing today how Turkey violates the rights of Cyprus also in the sea.

The same event was also addressed by the President of the National Council of Slovakia Andrej Danko and the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to Slovakia Michalis Stavrinos. The Ambassador referred in particular to the 1974 Turkish invasion and continuous occupation of the northern part of Cyprus, and to ensuing human rights violations. He also noted the contribution of Slovakia to UNFICYP since 2001, adding that the total number of Slovak soldiers who served in Cyprus is estimated at over 3,300.

House President Syllouris then attended part of the plenary session from the hall balcony, with the chairmanship welcoming the delegation from Cyprus.

Earlier on Monday, the President of the House met with State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and European Affairs Lukas Parizek, in the presence of the delegations of the two sides.

Source: Cyprus News Agency