House President underlines Turkey’s responsibilities regarding increasing arrivals of refugees

President of the House of Representatives, Demetris Syllouris, has referred to Turkeys responsibilities for the increase of arrivals of refugees in Cyprus over the past year.

Syllouris, who held a meeting with representative of UN High Representative for Refugees in Cyprus, Katja Saha, said that Cyprus understands the refugee problem as it has experienced this after the Turkish invasion against the island in 1974, when one third of the population became refugees and displaced.

Referring to the increase of arrivals of refugees in Cyprus over the past year, he underlined Turkeys responsibility saying that data shows that the networks of trafficking in persons operating in the region use Turkey as their basis.

According to a press release, the House Speaker asked for the UN Offices contribution in the efforts to limit this illegal phenomenon by exerting pressure on Turkey.

On her part, Saha referred to the very good cooperation that her Office has developed with the relevant government departments in Cyprus, particularly in addressing the refugee issue that has been created, mainly due to the Syrian crisis.

She also informed the House Speaker about the UNs campaign to resolve the issue of statelessness.

They both referred to the need for a better coordination and cooperation at regional and international level to address in an effective manner the refugee problem.

Source: Cyprus News Agency