House President to pay working visit to Athens

President of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris departs for Athens this week on a working visit.

In Athens, Syllouris will discuss coordination concerning the publication of the findings of an inquiry into the 1974 military coup in Cyprus, engineered by the then junta ruling Greece, and the Turkish invasion of Cyprus that followed.

Spokesman of the House of Representatives Loucas Fourlas told CNA today that Syllouris will be in the Greek capital on Thursday and will meet the President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos on Friday.

He will then confer with his Greek counterpart, Nikos Voutsis and will possibly have more meetings during the day.

During his meeting with Voutsis they will schedule joint activities between the two parliaments, including a conference in October on the convergences of the political systems in Greece and Cyprus.

Syllouris will address a gathering organised by the Cypriot Federations in Greece, the Union of Cypriots in Greece and the Republic’s embassy in Athens.

Syllouris returns home on Sunday.

Source: Cyprus News Agency