House President says Cyprus expects more solidarity from its EU partners

The Republic of Cyprus expects more solidarity from its EU partners, President of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris has said.

Speaking during the House plenary session, which celebrated Europes Day (9th of May) and observed a minutes silence in honour of the victims of the Second World War, Syllouris said that Cyprus has placed many hopes in the EU to defend its interests and to avert any attempts to undermine its sovereignty. He pointed out that Cyprus, which became a full EU member state in 2004, is still under the illegal Turkish occupation and it faces a number of additional challenges.

Referring to Turkeys unacceptable actions as regards Cyprus sovereign rights, he said that Ankaras intransigent stance and itspersistence in submitting new unfounded demands on the negotiating table for a solution of the Cyprus problem, are actions directed against the interests of the EU as a whole and must be addressed as such.

We expect, he stressed, more solidarity from our EU partners in exerting pressure on Turkey so that Ankara fulfils its European obligations and implements international law.

The House President said that the UKs decision to exit the EU, the challenges of the single currency, the refugee crisis, the lack of solidarity and the leadership tendencies in the economic sector, are just a few examples of the democratic deficit of Europe and have strengthened euroscepticism all over the continent.

EU states and EU institutions, he added, are called upon to redefine their political direction in order to address the challenges in a timely and effective manner.

Concluding, he said that the Cypriot House of Representatives is responsibly and actively participating in the EU.

Source: Cyprus News Agency