House President receives Slovenian Ombudsman

Cyprus House President Annita Demetriou on Monday received Slovenian Ombudsman Peter Svetina, who is paying the island an official visit at the invitation of Cyprus Ombudswoman Maria Stylianou Lottides.

The visit to Cyprus will cover an exchange of views on issues related to the role and responsibilities of the European Ombudsman authorities as well as ways to promote the protection of human rights and to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

During the meeting with Demetriou, the discussion focused on the protection of human rights and gender equality. House President informed the Slovenian official about the recent legislations promoted on the island for the strengthening of the position of women in society, such as the legislation to address sexism and the law making femicide a distinct crime.

The President of the Parliament also referred to a pending law proposal to amend the Constitution, in order to ensure that in all legislative texts a special and separate reference will be made to men and women, as natural persons and legal subjects.

Issues of financial autonomy of Ombudsman institutions were also discussed as well as issues related to the dangers of uncontrolled use of social media and the spread of fake news and hate rhetoric.

Source: Cyprus News Agency